Varsity club

of Staten Island


The Varsity Club of Staten Island was formed 75 years ago in the depression year of 1932.  The needs of those hard times is partially reflected in the Club’s Constitution which also outlines the objectives of our organization.  Briefly they are:

1.  To honor an outstanding scholar athlete to be chosen from the senior classes of all of  Staten Island’s secondary schools.


2.  To recognize other high school athletes through a separate Award’s program.


3.  To form a non-sectarian club…free from political, religious, social or other influence…with elimination of commercialism, and/or prestige…on this basis, the Chairmanship of the club to be on a revolving basis.


4.  That no officer or member would receive financial gain and that all funds, less necessary club expenditures, would be used for the fulfillment of the stated objectives.


However, economic realities of the thirties negated fulfillment of these lofty ideals and it was not until 1938 that Arnold Anderson was selected as the winner of the first Varsity Club Award.  It is unfortunate that the award at that time was only “recognition” and did not include financial assistance.  This year, the amount the Scholarship winners will receive is $2.000.00 and each nominee receives a Trophy.


The selection of this year’s winner will be initiated early this month with each of then 28 Staten Island high schools receiving a form from the Awards Committee.  To be listed and categorized on each form will be the accomplishments of the outstanding student athlete each school will choose from their senior class.  These forms, when returned to the Committee, will be reproduced and a complete set returned to each school for their study and evaluation.


The final selection will be made at the Varsity Club at the Coach’s Conference to be held the first part of May.  Each school sends a representative to this meeting, an athletic director, coach or teacher, and under the guidance of the Varsity Club’s moderator, these representatives make the final selection after evaluation and balloting.  It is noted here the Varsity Club does not select the winner of its Award but is done by the school representatives.